Puppy Classes *booking now*

Six Week Puppy Training Courses Dates/Times 

The comprehensive puppy course is highly popular, and places are frequently filled before course start date. To ensure your puppy has secured a place please book as far in advance of start date as possible to avoid disappointment. You can even book a place before you have brought your puppy home from his or her breeder (recommended!).

We accept puppies from one week after they have had their first vaccination, puppies can come to class as young as 8 weeks of age. This often is a huge benefit to the puppies social development.

Owners who bring their puppy prior to having a second vaccination carry their puppies until reaching the hall in which we train. Your vet will advise when it is safe for your puppy to attend. If you are unsure about vaccinations please consult your vet directly.

The maximum age of attendance for pups starting on first day of class is typically 20 weeks of age. Exceptions can sometimes be made for toy/small breeds older than 20 weeks as long as strict temperament criteria is met (zero aggressive behaviour) – please enquire to see if your dog maybe be able to join. We always welcome suitable rescue puppies too!

Please note: for large breeds max age at start of first class is 12 – 16 weeks only, due to rapid growth rate that will take place over six weeks. We have other courses suitable to the needs of large breed pups, please ask.


Start Date: Tuesday 19th February. Class Time: 7:00pm *booked out*

Start: Thursday 28th February *1 space* Class Time:  7:00pm – 8:00pm

6 x 1hr group puppy class sessions to be held in a hall on Thursdays at a venue very close to Elthorne Park, Hanwell, W7

Email: canineschool4skills@gmail.com


Start Date: Monday 11h March

Class Time: 7:15 – 8:15pm

6 x 1hr group puppy class sessions to be held in a hall on Thursdays at a venue very close to Elthorne Park, Hanwell, W7

Note: more dates to be added, classes typically start every 4 weeks throughout the year.

For optimum results our courses consist of 6  x 1 hour long classes, rather than a roll-on, roll-off programme or random attendance.  Read more about Comprehensive Puppy Training Course.

Course fees for 2019:

Option 1: Standard Comprehensive Puppy Training £115 for block of 6 lessons. Each 60 minute long lesson is taught by qualified professional dog trainer and behaviour advisor Rebecca T Harris. Course comes with welcome pack which includes free e-book, and useful advice sheets. No hostile or dog/people aggressive dogs permitted on course.

Although every effort is made to allow your puppy to play with other suitable puppies during class for short periods in a carefully controled and monitored way, we cannot always guarantee the right match of size/temperment of puppies for this to be done safely. Consequently, puppy play may not occur in all classes. Interactions maybe on lead only to protect shy or small dogs from negative experiences.

Option 2:  Puppy Gold package (2 x 121 sessions with 6 week Comprehensive Puppy Training) at total cost of £245. You may also upgrade to gold after booking main course.

further details on Gold here

Puppy gold consists of two price discounted

121 private sessions in comfort of your home lasting up to 1 hour each (normal price £98 per session), for puppy age specific training and/or advice (sessions are designed  for pups from 8 weeks to 6 months old), in conjunction with the six week Comprehensive Puppy Training classes. These special time limited 121 Sessions for your V.I.P (very important puppy) can be taken BEFORE group class lessons begin or up to three weeks AFTER last group class lesson ends. Offering excellent all round training and vaule for money, meeting individual needs. A must have for families welcoming a puppy into their lives for the very first time or anybody who wants their puppy to have the very best of everything.

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