Please also see Terms & Conditions and Class Rules

Q: Should I feed my dog before classes?
A: We recommend that you do not feed your dog within two hours of coming to class. Your dog will then be more motivated and attentive. And with puppies toilet accidents are minimised.

Q: What should I bring to classes?
A: For puppy class it’s a good idea to bring your puppy’s bed or mat so that they can feel at home when they arrive. You should also bring a toy your dog really likes (none squeaky), which can keep him or her occupied during class talks.

And lots and lots of moist food for reinforcement to use during the learning process. This builds positive connection between required tasks; making a happy and eager learner. Dogs learn much more rapidly when happy and not under stress.

Plus a water bowl as training can be thirsty work.

Q: My dog barks and gets over excited when it sees other dogs, will this be a problem?
A: Yes, if persistent your dog maybe withdrawn from class. Dogs that bark excessively in the presence of other dogs are often stressed and/or over simulated. Group classes can exasperate the issue while also causing stress to all the other dogs present. This is a behavioural issue and requires one-to-one behavioural sessions. Please contact us to discuss your situation.

Q: Can my child train our dog at the classes?
A: Generally we prefer only children 8 years of age and above to train. But it depends very much on the particular child, younger children above 6 years of age maybe permitted at instructors discretion to take part in some of the training with parental guidance. It is the parents responsibly to pay close attention, and to ensure children are well behaved in class and treat their dog and others with kindness at all times. Children smacking or dragging puppy around roughly by lead will not be permitted to attend future lessons.

Q: What age should my dog be to start training?
A: If puppy, training should begin as soon as possible. The younger a puppy starts the less likely you are to run into behaviour problems. Canine School for Skills classes are much more than sit, down and walk nicely on leash.

We hold classes at two venues, at the indoor only venue on Tuesdays puppies can attend from 9 weeks of age (prior to full vaccination, as long as one week after first vaccine has been administered by a vet), if unsure seek veterinary advice.

At our indoor/outdoor venue, puppies can attend after final vaccine has been given, typically 12 weeks upwards.

Q: How long does a class last?
A: Training classes last approximately 55 minutes with owners FAQ at end bringing class up to an hour long.

Q: My dog loves playing with the other dogs while waiting to come into class, he gets pretty hyper. Is this OK?

Do not allow dogs to play together outside the venue before a class, as this can cause excitement and a lack of attention during the session.

Q: What happens if I cannot come to class one week?
A: This is not an issue, as you can still participate the following weeks but it is polite to let your instructor know that you will not be attending. Also bear in mind your puppy or dog will miss out on vital learning, and you could fall behind.

Q: What should I wear when training my dog?
A: For your own comfort it is suggested that you wear comfortable clothes with pockets and preferably flat shoes. Try to make sure no clothes you are wearing will flap into the dog’s face as this could put your dog off class tasks.