Older Puppies & Adult Dogs

This course is 5 weeks long and suitable for older puppies (16 weeks upwards) to 10 months old. As well friendly rescue dogs that are good natured towards other dogs. 

Please click here to find the course start dates for January 2019

  • Dog/Older Puppy/Rescue that needs to build confidence
  • Help for dogs with no attention span or selective hearing
  • Build manners with dogs and/or people
  • Come back when called (secure field used)
  • Learn best way to teach your dog to walk nicely on the lead
  • Demanding pouch? Help setting boundaries in a positive force-free way
  • Build a stronger bond with your older puppy/adult or rescue dog

This 5 week course is limited to 6 dogs only and is suitable for all dogs with little or no former training that are either too big or too old for puppy training class and/or may require extra help (ideal for rescues!). Reward based training does not rely on making dogs worried or fearful of punishment, so there is less danger of causing problem behaviours and is well-suited to shy/fearful dogs too.

£125 for standard 6 week course. 6 x 60 minute lessons. Claim a £20 discount for rescue dogs (proof required for discount). 

Email: canineschool4skills@gmail.com

We have a strict no aggressive dog policy as standard at all classes; as we want owners and their dogs to be able to enjoy pleasant interactions with each other. If you have a dog exhibiting unfriendly behaviour towards other dogs or people (lunging, snapping or growling), please e-mail to discuss alternative training options.

See full policy for all classes