Comprehensive Puppy Training Course


It is important to realise that from the minute you bring your new puppy home, they are learning, every waking minute of every day, both within your home and when he or she is out and about with you. Making sure that he or she learns the right way to behave in daily interactions is key to them growing up into a healthy, happy and balanced dog.

Without critical informed and gentle early learning (preferably before 14 weeks of age), your puppy will have to fall back on inborn survival instincts to form how he/she feels about humans and dogs/other animals (not living within the same household). This will impact negatively on how puppy will respond to the outside world. 

At Canine School for Skills we understand the bigger picture.

Our puppy training and socialisation classes are about more than just ‘training’ and ‘socialisation’ – we teach puppies how to cope, how to deal with fear or frustration, how to be brave, how to listen and how to make the right choices. All essential skills that our dogs need as adults. Puppies are welcome to attend from as young as 8 weeks of age.

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Choose Canine School for Skills for:

    • Friendly qualified instructor with a passion for enabling puppies to flourish
    • Positive reward based training
    • Recommended by a number of respected local vets
    • Small class sizes – no more than 8 pups
    • Individual attention
    • Fun, sociable and informative
    • 6 x 60 minute sessions​​​​​​
    • Families, including well-behaved children welcome 

Between the ages of 4 weeks and 4 months puppies enter a rapid learning stage, which sets the stage for their adult behaviour and outlook on life.  The six week comprehensive puppy training course provides all the essential training your puppy requires:

  • Stop play biting
  • Walk nicely on lead
  • Leave forbidden items
  • Come rapidly when called
  • Build confidence
  • Knowledge given to prevent behaviour problems
  • Achieve polite behaviour around other dogs and with people
  • All in a fun, force free and friendly class
  • Plus advice is freely given on toilet training, destructive behaviour, separation issues and much more.

Canine School for Skills operate from several West London W7 venues. Courses start approximately every five weeks throughout the year. Pre-booking is essential as places are strictly limited.

Canine School for Skills puppy classes are immensely popular, therefore they are often fully booked well in advance of start date of courses. Places are on a first-to-book basis to secure a place for your puppy book today by e-mailing

We have a strict no aggressive dog policy as standard at all classes; as we want owners and their dogs to be able to enjoy pleasant interactions with each other. If you have a puppy exhibiting unfriendly behaviour towards other dogs or people (lunging, snapping), please e-mail to discuss alternative training options. See Terms and Conditions